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Your younger, more energetic dog will enjoy being massaged

Benefits to Your Younger (non-senior) Dog:

  • improves circulation
  • increases blood flow
  • stimulates the removal of toxins trapped in tissues
  • release a spasm
  • can reduce blood pressure
  • essentially enhances every system and organ in the body

You are your pet’s first and best defense against illness and disease

Non-Senior Dog Massage Workshop includes:

  • Small classes:  no more than 5 people/pets
  • Initial workshop:  2 hours (may go longer)
  • Follow-up workshop one month later:  1 hour (approximately)
  • All dog must be people and pet-friendly
  • Step-by-step e-book

Requirements for workshops:

  • If your dog is under your vet’s care, you must obtain your written Vet Approval Form-Massage to take this class – no exceptions!
  • I must receive vet written approval along with Massage Intake Form before class
  • You must complete pre-reading homework before class

Intro to Non-Senior Dog Massage Workshop: $175
Level 1
If you register by April 1:  10% discount
Date and Location:

Sunday, April 8, 2018
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Location:  Onnie Hull Photography
909 Aviation Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Have a dog that is not people/pet friendly? Why not take Independent class instruction:

If you prefer the time devoted to just you and your pet, this is a one-on-one class. You will receive all the information given as listed in the above group workshop, but given one-on-one.

Cost:  $250.

*Important Workshop Information:

  • This Relaxation Massage Workshop is not a certification course for you to become a “small animal massage therapist”
  • The workshop is designed (i) solely to relax your pet, (ii) for your pet’s enjoyment and (iii) help you bond with your pet
  • The object of the class is to empower you to play a more informed roll in your pet’s physical and emotional well-being, and
  • This will only be accomplished if you regularly massage your dog

Benefits to You:

  • strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • you will be able to detect potential health issues early (tumors, swelling, sore spots, injuries, or painful areas)
  • you will be able to feel changes in your pet’s the skin and hair
  • you will notice behavioral changes, and
  • vet visits can go more smoothly

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