Swim Categories and Rates:

Because my first concern is the health, happiness and well-being of your dog, all new clients must go through an Assessment Swim – click here to read about: What is an Assessment Swim?

Assessment Swim: fee:  Summer Special $99 (normally $125)

This Assessment Swim lasts approximately 1 hour and involves:

At the end of your dog’s Assessment Swim, we will discuss the best category of Swim Care for your dog.

Receive a 10% discount when you sign on for a 10-swim package.

Injury Recovery: This swim is appropriate for the seniors, arthritic, overweight, pre/post-surgical dog.

  • As our dogs age, they cannot go on those long walks any longer.  Swimming will replace those walks as swimming is non-weight bearing and helps to build up those leg muscles.
  • For a dog recuperating from surgery, a dog’s leg muscles may atrophy due to lack of exercise.  Swimming, non-weight bearing, can help rebuild their leg muscles.

As your dog rests on the platform in the water, a light massage and stretching is included.  Their breathing and heart rate is closely monitored.

This category will require your vet’s written approval – no exceptions. DOWNLOAD Veterinary Approval Form
Individual/Single Swim: $85
Purchase a 10-swim package and receive a 10% discount.

Swim Your Non-Confident Dog: Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim instinctively or even enjoy it. We work with your dog to build their confidence, helping them get over their fear of the water, and have fun doing it!

Each dog is different.  Some get over their fears during their Assessment Swim … and you will see this as well!  For some, it takes longer … as in the video of Elvis.  Elvis took 9 separate swims before he was comfortable and started having fun.  Today, he is an expert dock-diver.  (At first, we could not get him in the water ….. today, we cannot keep him out!)

By the end of the Assessment Swim, you will see your dog’s swim improvement.  

Individual/Single Swim: $70
Purchase a 10-swim package and receive a 10% discount.

Swim Fit: This category is for overall fun, fitness & exercise. It is for the dog who has learned to swim and loves it, but wants and/or still needs some guidance from me.  This category includes:  pool play time, pool swim racing, building stamina and muscles is always included, along with rest time and light massage while resting on platform in water.

Individual/Single Swim: $60
Purchase a 10-swim package and receive a 10% discount.

Recreational Swims:  For the dog that already know how and loves to swim.  (An Assessment Swim is still required in order to make sure your dog qualifies.  (No medical issues.)  This swim includes fetching toys in pool, swim play with your dog.  This swim includes supervision while swimming with other dog, monitored rest times as needed.  Your dog must be people and other dog friendly as your dog may be paired with another Recreational Swim dog.

Individual/Single Swim: $40
Purchase a 10-swim package and receive a 10% discount.

Discounts given for additional dog.
24-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be charged for swim session.

Own a Pool? I provide swim lessons from the convenience of your own pool. Including teaching your dog how to get in/out of your pool.

Swim at Home: *
Initial Home Visit: One Hour Swim: $200* (prepayment required); add $50 for each 30 minutes thereafter during initial home visit
Repeat home visit: $150 for 1 hour

*Outside the South Bay: a surcharge of $5 is applied for every 5 miles traveled door-to-door (each way).

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