First Visit Reminders or What to Expect At Your Dog First Swim

First Visit RemindersHere are a few things to keep in mind for your dog’s first (Assessment) swim

  • Do not feed your dog for at least 4 – 6 hours before a swim.
  • Expect that if your dog has never been “swimming” before, s/he may be nervous.
  • I encourage you to ask questions during the swim.
  • You are free to take pictures/video.
  • Come dressed to get wet. (You will not be in pool, but will be able to reach over and touch and encourage your dog.)
  • Know that I never take my hands off your dog and that I am always right next to them for their comfort and support.
  • Potty your dog. If your dog is incontinent, I need to know! No feeding for 12 hours before session. There is a $300 fee for pool clean-up if your dog is incontinent, eliminates, and you have not informed me.
  • Walk or play (if possible) with your pet for at least 15 minutes before session.
  • I will provide you with a towel for drying off your dog. (For ride home, bring your own towel.)

Actual swim time depends on the health and condition of your dog. I monitor your dog’s heartbeat, breathing and demeanor during this time. We will discuss through the swim.


Please bring the following completed forms with you (or email to me):

  • New Client Intake Form-Swim(including Informed Consent and Pool Policies Rules and Regulations)
  • Signed Veterinary Approval Form (if required). This must be completed where your pet is under your vet’s care for a current condition. Please note: I cannot swim your dog without a sign vet approval form.

Other forms to review before swim:

Feel Free to call me 310-370-9241 with your questions.

Thank you