HOW DO I GET MY DOG STARTED? (with an Assessment Swim)

Assessment Swim*

I require all dogs to take an Assessment Swim in order to determine which category of care is best for your dog.

This Assessment Swim lasts approximately 1 hour and involves:

  • Review of paperwork,
  • Q&A
  • Your dog runs/sniffs/explores the pool area off leash
  • Light massage (to help your dog relax and get to know my touch)
  • Reiki (10-15 minutes)

Next, your dog goes into my pool:

  • first time swimmers always wear a life vest during this swim
  • once in pool, your dog is taken to a platform (their “safe spot”)
  • your dog never takes their eyes off you
  • your dog’s breathing and hear rate are monitored continuously
  • rest periods given with light massage

What you can do:

  • encourage and praise you dog
  • reach over to pet your dog while your dog rests on platform
  • you are welcome to take video/pictures of your dog
  • you are free to ask questions

At end of Assessment Swim, we will discuss what category of care is best for your dog.

*My first concern is always the health and well-being of your pet. Therefore, your written Veterinary Approval is required for elderly, arthritic, pre/post-surgical dogs and/or a dog under your vet’s care for a current condition. Please call Jean to discuss.


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