However, one-to-one-to-one online classes (just you, your dog & Jean!) are now offered online
(Virtual on-line classes offered at a discount rate – check it out below)

Know Your Pet:  Learn to Give Your Pet a Monthly Check-Up

Do you know:

  • What is your pet’s resting heart rate?  How to take it?
  • What is your pet’s breathing rate?  How to take it?
  • What does it mean if your pet’s left pupil is larger than your pet’s right pupil?
  • What does it mean if your pet’s breath smells sweet?
  • What does it mean if your pet’s ears smell like dirty socks?
  • What color is your pet’s gums?  Do you know what it means if their gums are pink? white?  grey?

These are just a few of the things you will learn during this presentation.

This “in-person” class is normally $40 (10 people & their dog)
however, this
Virtual online class is offered at $29 (just you, your dog & Jean)

Please note:  If you register for the virtual online Pet First Aid & CPR class, this Monthly Check-Up is free!
visit: to register

What is Normal for Your Pet?

Always remember that you know your pet better than anyone, even better than your veterinarian. So, it is important to recognize and identify any abnormal signs your pet displays.  What this means is, that when you notice something “different” with you pet, you immediately get them to your vet.  (Don’t wait for that yearly exam.)

Remember, some pets, especially cats, will try to hide pain and suffering until the condition becomes severe. Pay attention to subtle behavior changes such as hiding under the bed and not rushing up to greet you when you come home.