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When I adopted my dog, Jax (at 6 months old), he not only had social and behavioral issues, he had Dysplasia in both his front legs which limited the amount of exercise he could do. Swimming with Jean has been so transformative for him on both these issues. He is now a happy, loving, and confident dog who loves to swim and Jax has had no pain or limping since under her care. Reiki has helped Jax to be able to maintain calmness and to self soothe and his anxiety is almost completely eliminated. Couldn’t recommend Tranquil Pet more.

Onnie & Jax

I never expected my Bernese Mountain Dog, Molly, to take to swimming as the breed isn’t known as a water dog. But because we own a boat, I took her to Jean so that she would be safe if she ever fell in. At first Molly was panicked with her strokes and required being pushed & pulled into the water. Over the next month (5 swim sessions), Jean was ver patient and loving in the pool. Because of her exposure to swimming in this positive light, Molly not only learned to swim but ultimately appears to enjoy it!

Thank you again!

Andrea & Molly

I can’t begin to thank you enough. At 13 years old, your swim lessons are what’s keeping Max young and strong. The vet said he can no longer run or play with his arthritis and ruptured ligament. We were advised that swimming was the only safe way to exercise. Max loves it!! And if I skip a lesson, I can see his legs weakening and his anxiety increase. So thank you! For Max, your swim lessons are not a luxury but a necessity!!

Sean & Max

Jean is AMAZING!!! We started swim classes with our dog Catalina about 10 sessions ago…She had a limp from a car accident four years ago. Since we started swimming with Jean – Lina has increased her strength and doesn’t limp as much. We are still working with Jean but we can see improvement already. Jean is very caring, kind and patient with Catalina. She takes the time o really get to know what your dog needs and how to work with your dog.

We feel very fortunate that we found Jean and Tranquil Pet!!! Jean really goes above and beyond to help your pet!!! Caalina started off swimming with a life vest and when she was ready, Jean challenged her to swim on her own…. It is really wonderful to see such terrific progress in the healing process!!!

Angi & Catalina

My absolute favorite activity is swimming with Jean! I’ll admit, my frst time in the pool, I was very scared. But by the end of my first swim lesson, I loved it! (Jean tells me I should compete in the doggie Olympics.) I get a great work-out swimming. I just don’t know when to stop! Bu Jean is there to monitor my exercise and makes sure I take breaks to rest. And an added bonus: while resting, Jean gives me a light massage! When my mom mentions Jean’s name, I get so exicted, I can’t wait to get to the pool!

P.S. My mom’s favorite pic: when I get home … napping

Sandy and U-Mi

Vet told me that with surgery, Snoopy only had a 30% chance of walking again.

Through a friend, I found Jean and Tranquil Pet. Jean suggested that in addition to swimming, I get acupuncture for Snoopy. The swimming has been invaluable … the swimming and acupuncture is what has gotten Snoopy back on his feet!

Maureen & Snoopy

Jean is kind, caring and professional!! She takes so much care with her clients (and heir owners!) My dog is typically fearful and nervous in new places…but with Jean he acts like he’s known her for years!! He LOVES going to Tranquil Pet and swimming. THANK YOU Jean, we are enjoying our time with you.

Rachel & Barley

We have a 15 year old Labrador Retriever. Jean has been working with our dog Sally for over a year. We contribute part of Sally’s longevity and spunk to Jean’s swimming with her. Even our vet said to keep up the swimming after seeing how great she was doing at Sally’s annual exam. Jean customizes her swimming sessions to each dog’s personality and needs. Her skills don’t stop there; she also does Reiki and therapeutic massage for dogs and cats, as well. Tranquil Pet is a hidden gem in the South Bay!

Shana & Sally

We have been only working with Jean a short time, but I can already see a difference in Sage’s stamina and energy level increase. (Sage is 14 yrs old)

Honey & Sage

Hi Jean. We asked mum to write a “Thank You” for the fun we have in your large swimming pool, chasing toys and breaking some (sorry). Mum believes the swimming helps my sprained knees* (Akuhata, pit bull), and even though mum signed us up to swim only, you still gave us Reiki and massages. Thank you Jean.

Kotiro (terrier mix) is a strong swimmer and wishes she could swim every day. She loves dock diving.

Mum calls you the “Animal Magnet,” because when she say’s “Jean” we would get so excited (to go see you); mum would make us wait outside till we were ready to leave. Then get excited again till we got in the car and off to swim with you at to Camp-Run-A-Mutt

Thank you again, Jean

Akuhata, Kotiro (and Mum)

*Akuhata had X-Rays done on both knees and the good news is that her knees are slowly improving. She is still not allowed to run or jump.

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