Is your dog showing signs of hyperactivity, overly anxious, unusual or different behavior patterns

Since your return to work? Behavior patterns which were non-existent previous to this pandemic?

If you have been sheltering in place, this “overload” of “quality time” with you may have built up a huge reservoir of over dependency within your dog that could result in your dog experiencing panic attacks that manifest in destructive behavior, extreme barking, and the like. Also, remember, your dog is very sensitive to energy, so if you have been anxious throughout this time, your dog will pick up on your mood as well.

Wondering how to help calm them? Why not try Reiki Energy Healing – a form of meditation. Watch my short video on Dart, a hyperactive puppy and see his acceptance of the calming effects of Reiki. Another side benefit … because Reiki is an energy, you, too, will receive these calming benefits!
Interested in setting up a Reiki zoom session for you and your dog?


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