Snoopy’s Success Story (TerriAnn In Torrance)

TerriAnn In Torrance Torrance Tribune, April, 2015

Last week former Torrance City Council Member, Maureen O’Donnell, relayed an amazing story to me about Snoopy, the dog she was fostering. To tell you the truth, it was a story that seemed so amazing I wondered how it could be true. That led me to investigate the entire saga of this little full-blooded Beagle named Snoopy.

I was very interested in [Snoopy’s] swimming therapy and met Maureen last Friday for one of Snoopy’s sessions. When I first saw Snoopy, I was surprised he was walking, jumping, and thoroughly excited to get into the water. Somehow, I thought that Snoopy would still be struggling to walk, but I saw a very happy pup. We met Jean Brusavich [of TranquilPET] at the pool, who began by securing a little yellow life preserver on Snoopy.

Jean Brusavich has been working with animals for about ten years … Her interest in water therapy for dogs began when her own 12 year old dog’s back legs didn’t rebound from surgery as she’d hoped. It was then she investigated swim therapy for her dog. The treatment was a success and her love of the field of water therapy grew, and she began helping friends with their pets. “I love my clients and my clients are your pets,” said Jean, beaming.

Torrance Tribune – 04-30-15 – Full Article

Jean Brusavich

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