Wellness Wednesdays

What is Wellness Wednesdays (how & why) should I participate?

Wellness Wednesdays is a new pet service implemented by TranquilPET during COVID-19. This service includes three wellness programs created as webinars for you & your dogs (for more information, see below).

During June, these 2 programs are complimentary, but beginning in July, there will be a membership fee of $27 per month that will give you access to both wellness programs:

  1. Care for Your Senior Dog during their Sunset Years
  2. Learn to Give Your Dog a Monthly Wellness Exam

(Pet First Aid & Learn to Massage Your Dog are excluded.)

Download & Install Zoom App …

prior to your first Zoom meeting: Download Zoom App

Join a meeting:  How to Join

Enter TranquilPET’s Meeting ID No.: 759-739-8184

If you have downloaded Zoom and you receive the following message when opening the link above “Launch Zoom”  … this means that you need to “open” the Zoom Icon.  (Simply downloading Zoom will not open or connect you to Zoom.)

You will need to open the Zoom app.  Once you do, you can then open the link above and will be taken to the meeting room.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact Jean at 310.370.9241 or contact Zoom directly at  1.888.799.9666.

Looking forward to “seeing you on TP’s Wellness Wednesday webinars!”

Visit TranquilPET’s Event Calendar to register for all zoom webinars

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