Why Learn to Give Your Dog a Relaxation Massage


Why Learn to Give Your Dog a Relaxation Massage?

… a massage is much more than just “petting your dog.”

“Petting” is done unconsciously …. “massage” is done with “focus” on what you are doing … what you are looking “not to find” on your dog:  hot or cold areas on your pet, bumps, lumps, tight muscles, etc.

Massage is great for dogs at every stage of their lives … and there are two types of classes available:

  1. For our seniors dogs:  massage can help with their circulation, mobility, reduce stiffness & blood pressure;
  2. For our younger dogs: massage can help them relax, release a spasm, removal of toxins trapped in tissues

Benefits to You:

  • strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • you will be able to detect potential health issues early (tumors, swelling, sore spots, injuries, or painful areas)
  • you will be able to feel changes in your pet’s the skin and hair
  • you will notice behavioral changes, and
  • vet visits can go more smoothly

“BYOD”  – You “Bring Your Own Dog” to Class (learn relaxation massage techniques on your own dog!)

All Workshops include:

  • Small classes (limited to 5 people/dogs) so you and your dog get individual attention
  • Initial Workshops:  2 hours
  • Follow-up workshop:  1 hour, one month later
  • Step-by-step e-book

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Have a dog that is not people/pet friendly? Why not take Independent class instruction:

If you prefer the time devoted to just you and your pet, this is a one-on-one class. You will receive all the information given as listed in the above group workshop, but given one-on-one.

Cost:  $250.

Contact Jean directly to schedule:  310.370.9241 or info@tranquilpet.com

To register for upcoming class workshops, visit:

  1. For our seniors dogs
  2. For our younger dogs