Why Learn to Give Your Dog a Relaxation Massage

Why Learn to Give Your Dog a Relaxation Massage:

… a massage is different than just “petting your dog.”

“Petting” is done unconsciously …. “massage” is done with “focus” on what you are doing … what you are looking, or, more important, what you are not looking to find: Hot/cold spots on your pet, bumps, lumps, tight muscles, etc.

Massage is great for dogs at every stage of their lives … and there are two types of classes available:

  1. For our seniors … massage can help with circulation
  2. For our younger dogs: massage can help them relax

YOU bring your dog to class!

Classes are:

  • Fun
  • Easy to learn
  • Enjoyable
  • Bonding experience


For more information, visit: www/tranquilpet.com/services

Upcoming classes:

For upcoming classes, call 310-370-9241 or email us.

Price: $125; (makes a great gift)

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